Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Here – Sprint TV Comes To The iPhone

After months of readying their new iPhones for just such an event, Sprint customers with the new Sprint iPhone 4S are getting a nice surprise today: SPRINT TV is now available on the iPhone – and it’s free. We at MobiTV have been powering the Sprint TV service from our converged media platform for many years now, and we’re proud to see this service now launched in a sleek, beautiful application for iOS that showcases the robust live and full-episode on demand content that’s been a hallmark of Sprint TV for years.

Sprint iPhone customers can download the free application from the App Store right here. Listen to what it comes with as part of your unlimited data plan: FREE ESPN Mobile TV, including live NBA basketball, pro & college sports, Major League Baseball and much more. FREE Disney Channel – both live and on-demand. FREE Weather Channel, NBC, CBS, ABC Mobile, USA, Bravo, Syfy, SPEED – and much more. Learn more about what’s included right here. This is the first time that this breadth of channels has been available to iPhone users at no additional charge, as part of their data plan. Should come in handy with the NBA and NHL seasons heating up and with Major League Baseball right around the corner.

Moreover, all of the premium packs that have been available on Sprint TV on other operating platforms are also available for iPhone users. That means you can add Sprint TV Xtra; Spanish-language TV on Sprint TV en Vivo; children’s full-episode TV on Playground TV, and many more. Again – if you’re looking for the full view on what’s available, you can check it out here, or right there within the application itself. Just open up “On Demand” and then “Premium Packages” to see what’s available to enhance your Sprint TV experience.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our latest creation. So Sprint iPhones: fire up that iOS 5 operating system, head over to the free download here, and start watching immersive live and on-demand TV wherever you happen to go today. Then let us know how it’s working out for you in keeping you connected to the live sports, breaking news & full-length entertainment you enjoy.


  1. Are these the real channels or wacky stripped down versions that only show clips? I remember seeing an app in the App Store last month that promised all sorts of TV channels on the iPad, but all it really offered were worthless clips. Instead of the Craig Ferguson show, for example, it showed a clip from last night's monologue. It took me almost as long to download the app as it took to realize it was worthless.

  2. Rob - thanks for asking. This is the real thing. Sprint TV includes live ESPN Mobile TV, Weather Channel, ABC and Disney Channel, along with full episodes from NBC, CBS, ABC, Bravo, USA and many more. There are some clips available as well, depending on the show or channel, but you should take a look - I think you'll be surprised at how much live and full-episode content you get with your free download.

    1. I download the app for my 2 iphones 4S and return an ERROR massage that say : Unable to retrieve subscription information. Please try again later and if the error persist , contact CC (15006:null) . is there any fix for this ?

    2. Sorry to hear that, Elnene92. I'll get your information over to our team immediately so we can look into it.

    3. Elnene92 - I just heard back from my team and, as we work to replicate the error, it'd be helpful if you could get send me an email with your mobile number or user ID (UID) so we can fix any issues. I'm Katie and my email is