Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 10 Search Terms in MobiTV-Powered Products

We aim to enable our operator partner’s customers to easily find the live, on-demand and downloadable TV they’re looking for within MobiTV-powered products. To that end, our products have search capabilities that allow customers to dive into the extensive on-demand programming catalog on Sprint TV, AT&T U-verse Live TV, T-Mobile TV and US Cellular Mobile TV. Our converged media platform powers them all, and we decided to take an aggregate look at what programming consumers were searching for in May 2012.

Here’s this past month’s Top 10 – a nice snapshot into what today’s mobile video consumers are looking to watch across both phones and tablets.

Most-Searched Terms on MobiTV-powered Products, May 2012

6.  ESPN
10. DORA

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MobiTV's Converged Media Platform Fact Sheet

We’re publishing a series of fact sheets this week on mobitv.com that help crystallize the media delivery solutions our platform offers to operators and service providers around the world. These are simple, downloadable and printable abstracts that take a slightly more layman’s approach to explaining convergence, TV everywhere and efficient media delivery than, say, a technical white paper does. That said, we think it’s fairly straightforward and unassailable that the world is moving from the living room to a multi-screen TV viewing experience, and we at MobiTV have built a platform that, having powered complex and multi-device and -OS mobile solutions for many years, now comes at delivery from the other direction – from mobile to multi-screen, as we like to say.

Our Converged Media Platform Fact Sheet, which you can download with one right-click on the image to your left, provides a compelling overview of this scalable, end-to-end solution that allows operators and content providers to present live, on-demand and downloadable television entertainment on any type of in-home and portable device – and then optimizing delivery for the capabilities of each type of device. By authenticating the user, rather than the device, our converged media platform allows for the seamless shifting of program viewing and a higher quality of service for program providers.

Hey, we’ll just let you read the thing already. To see our platform in action, just fire up a smartphone on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular or Telus, and you’ll find a MobiTV-powered solution available for immediate viewing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MobiTV Wins 2012 Mobility Award for Technology Innovation

Well, that was fun. Last night in New Orleans at the annual CTIA show, we accepted the 2012 Mobility Award for Technology Innovation in the software category for our TV everywhere solution. These awards, sponsored by MobileTrax, a leading mobile and wireless industry analyst firm, are not given lightly. As Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst with MobileTrax said, “The Mobility Awards have honored the brightest innovators in mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services for the past 16 years. This year there was stiff competition for the 450 products and services which were nominated in the 63 categories.”.

Apple, Amazon, Nokia are among some of the players that won awards on the hardware side; Google, Facebook and Pandora were among several companies, who, like us, picked up the top nod on the software side.

It’s an terrific honor to be recognized for what we’ve done to power video solutions in and outside of the home across North America and around the world, and the 2012 Mobility Award is another to add to our growing list of awards since we first launched a mobile TV service in 2003. Our cloud-based TV Everywhere solution and media platform now allows users to seamlessly time-shift and place-shift their media consumption across multiple screens, and last night’s recognition is validation that what we’ve built has value to consumers and to the ecosystem built to serve their media needs.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Multiple Ways To Follow MobiTV, Inc.

While we’re busy powering most of North America’s operator-branded mobile TV services and deploying our TV everywhere solution around the world, we’re also scouring the web for information about the ways in which business and consumers are adapting to a world in which video services are consumed both in and outside of the home. We’re continuing to stay active on social media – and we’d love for you to join us there. We’re working on making sure that the world of IP-based TV delivery is covered there, whether it’s something that we’re doing or something a third party has written that sheds light on where it’s all headed.

Beyond the MobiTV blog you’re reading now, here are some other methods to connect with us:

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Thanks, and we’ll see you in these places both in and outside of your home, right?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Wrap From Digital Hollywood 2012

This spring’s DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles event took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey, CA and was more focused than ever before on the converging worlds of content, screens, mobility, business models and platforms with which to bring them all together. MobiTV was invited to speak on a terrific panel on Tuesday called “Multi-Screen Universe: TV, Tablets, Broadband, Smartphones and IPTV – Strategies for ConnectedTV Technology and Content” (!). In fact, there were many sessions with variations on that same theme, just with the panel titles shuffled a bit, e.g. “Video Across Platforms – Television, Broadband and Mobile” later on in that very same day. Any guesses as to what’s on the lips of every Hollywood executive in 2012? This year’s event made it pretty obvious.

Our Senior Director of Marketing, Jay Hinman, participated on the aforementioned panel along with leaders from LG’s Smart TV content business, Technicolor and from Real Software Systems. Everyone represented a different link in the chain for delivering content to any screen, and it made for a lively discussion out by the hotel pool (yes, many of the sessions was actually held in outdoor poolside tents – so LA! We loved it.). We were able to talk about our converged media platform and how it powers services on smartphones and tablets across all the major wireless carriers in the United States, and shared with the audience our user-centered product design philosophy, in which the user, not a device or platform, is at the center or his or her personal programming experience and can tailor their content experiences accordingly. We’d like to report lots of oohing and ahhing at every utterance, but this was a professional group – yet judging by the questions we received both during and after the panel, our TV everywhere solution was and is compelling enough to generate some terrific post-panel hobnobbing.

As we post this, Digital Hollywood continues on for another day and a half in LA, and most sessions are extrapolations on the theme of how video digitization is turning the world of MVPDs, mobile operators and OTT providers sideways and back again – and about how consumers are truly leading the rapid changes in our industries and are voting with their remote controls and fingers. We’re happy to be a key player in this ecosystem and always appreciate the chance to tell the mobile-to-multi-screen story where we can.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NAB: Betty White and TV Everywhere in Vegas

As many of you know, the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show was held last week in Las Vegas and showed off the latest developments in the broadcast industry.  Not to be overshadowed by Betty White’s induction into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, TV everywhere was a key theme among attendees, and we were right at the epicenter. This year, we joined conversations on both the event stage and show floor.

Our own Kay Johansson, Chief Technology Officer here at MobiTV, joined other industry knowledge holders on stage to discuss mobile television and its effects on the ecosystem. Kay shared our vision for consumers to access the content they care about anytime, anywhere with any screen, device or connection. We discussed MobiTV’s journey from blazing the trail for television on-the-go to our TV everywhere solution bringing consumers live and on-demand programming inside and outside the home across set-top boxes, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Beyond the NAB stage, we teamed up with one of our new partners, Amino, to showcase how our platform technology integrates with Amino’s set-top boxes to create a quick-to-market, high-quality adaptive streaming experience. The solution eliminates the need for managed networks and brings Amino’s customers a personalized television experience from anywhere.

This year NAB shed light on some of the industry’s hottest topics, TV everywhere included, and we were right in the forefront putting multiscreen into action. What were some of your highlights from the show?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Extending the Boundaries of the Set-Top Box with Amino and MobiTV, Inc.

What happens when you take an innovative maker of set-top boxes and IPTV & hybrid/OTT solutions like Amino Communications, and pair them up with a leading provider of comprehensive managed TV Everywhere solutions? That would be us – MobiTV, Inc. We sat down with Kevin Ross, our Senior Director of Business Development and a key player in this partnership, to discuss just what does happen when TV everywhere solutions become more lightweight, cloud-based and easier and quicker deploy.

What does MobiTV’s partnership with Amino bring to operators looking to deploy a TV everywhere solution to their consumers?

 Kevin Ross: It really helps telecom operators and cable & satellite providers bring a robust multiscreen solution to market far more quickly than they otherwise would. Putting together a fully managed network solution and deploying it to consumers takes an immense amount of time and capital. By working with Amino, who already deploy their set-top box with large operators, we’re able to couple their leadership with the innovation that we’ve done in the cloud, and help operators extend this set-top box TV to consumers on any screen, wherever they are. Now they can bring the same sets of channels they’re already serving up at home to their customers’ tablets, mobile phones and PCs.

Are there different models for an operator who might be interested in deploying the Amino/MobiTV solution?

Kevin Ross: Absolutely. We can support a hosted service, where MobiTV operates the solution in our data centers, or an in-network deployment – where we deploy within the operator’s network.

The joint offering we’re doing, though, really gives operators a lower total cost of ownership than they’d otherwise be spending on things like head ends and other components of a fully managed solution. Think of what we’re doing as a “light”, cloud-based, IPTV solution. The operators just don’t need to deploy a bulky, expensive solution anymore.

Amino Freedom Media Gateway
What does Amino gain from working with MobiTV?

Kevin Ross: Amino is all about connecting people to the entertainment they love. We embed our strong DRM protection layer, which gives content providers and operators peace of mind that content won’t be illicitly shared, even when it’s untethered from the living room and on multiple devices. It protects everything – including HD-quality content.

We put years into ingesting, encoding and delivering live TV, as opposed to simply retransmitting on-demand content the way so many OTT providers do. Amino, at the core, is a consumer electronics manufacturer, and by working with MobiTV, they’re now able to provide their operator customers with a full TV everywhere solution that includes MobiTV’s media playback system, our search and recommendation capabilities, the DRM I mentioned, and so on.

What does MobiTV gain from working with Amino?

Kevin Ross: Well, to start with, we don’t build set-top boxes, and they built a phenomenal one that’s won awards for its innovation and design. This partnership enables us to demonstrate an integrated solution to different types of operators – MSOs, IPTV providers and so on – and provide them with the ability to deliver an over-the-top service, rather than saddling them with the traditional fully-managed network approach.  We can help Amino target an operator’s broadband customers who happen to have lower bandwidth plans.

This integration further demonstrates our commitment to being a premier technology enabler capable of powering a full-service platform and a superior overall quality of experience.

To contact Kevin Ross and the TV everywhere business development team at MobiTV, click on the "Service Providers" contact form here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Peer Deep into the MobiTV Word Cloud

We recently held an internal “design this year’s MobiTV Inc. t-shirt” contest and received more than a few interesting designs. The winner, submitted by our VP of Human Resources Tracy Coté, is simple and complex both at once, while doing an excellent job of providing the essence of what our TV everywhere Solution provides our many customers.

(click to expand)

You’ve probably seen these “word clouds” before online – there are a number of easy tools that allow you to insert a URL or some other text, and the tool distills that web page down to its key and often most-repeated phrases. At MobiTV, it’s obvious we’re all about the “cloud-based” “converged delivery” to the “user” of both “live” and “on-demand” “media”, “content” and “experiences” “across” “networks” and “devices” – among other things.

If you lose yourself in our word cloud, we understand. It’s pretty heady stuff, but it’s nice to see the key differentiators that make us a leader in comprehensive managed TV everywhere services clustered together in one design. It should look great on a t-shirt as well, and if you watch this space closely (subscribe to our blog via RSS, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+), we’ll be giving away some of these t-shirts once they’re designed.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Technology, Innovation & Performance in Under 3 Minutes

We’ve distilled the story of our TV everywhere solution into a two & a half minute video that provides you with the background on who MobiTV, Inc. is, and what we’ve achieved in the past decade-plus. This video went live on our home page yesterday, but we also wanted to give you a chance to see it here on the blog and meet some of the prime movers that have helped our company move television on mobile, tablets and other internet-enabled screens “from novelty to utility”, as our president and co-founder Paul Scanlan says in the video.

The video provides a look into some of the attributes that make our TV everywhere solution and converged media platform what it is – such as the ability to successfully deliver high-scale, big-ticket live events, as we’ve been doing for Verizon Wireless and the NFL Mobile Live application the past two seasons, and for other operators through the multiple live channels available in solutions that we power. Take a look and let us know what you think. Where do you think you’ll be seeing live, on-demand and downloadable television show up next in your life?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get To Know Our New Partners

Recently, we announced three new partners, Texas Instruments (TI), Dolby and Amino. These collaborations represent companies joining together with us to achieve the same goal – to bring consumers a high-quality media experience across screens.

Our partnership with TI is an important milestone in delivering secure HD content. We are working to develop a single screen, mosaic viewing experience that enables simultaneous playback of up to six live feeds. TI brings enhanced security allowing consumers to experience premium content on authorized devices. We’ve combined our Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution and media playback technology with TI’s OMAP™ platform to deliver secure, high-quality content across multiple IP-connected devices like tablets, phones and set-top boxes.

Additionally, we are collaborating with Dolby to make it possible for a theater-like media experience anytime, anywhere. Our technology platform will integrate Dolby Digital Plus into its established DRM-protected content delivery platform to provide surround sound to consumers across multiple platforms. Adding surround sound is the next step in providing a secure, high-quality experience for end-users without the need for additional speakers or a specific device.

Lastly, we have teamed up with Amino to develop a new set-top box experience. By integrating our platform technology with Amino’s set-top boxes, we’re creating a quick-to-market, high-quality adaptive streaming experience while eliminating the need for managed networks. As a result, our TV everywhere solution is bringing Amino’s customers, and ultimately consumers, a personalized television experience inside or outside the home.

In short, these partnerships mean more of what we at MobiTV do best: bringing consumers a high-quality media experience anytime, on any screen of their choosing.

Friday, March 16, 2012

IP&TV World Forum – Here We Come

We’re heading across the pond for this week’s IP&TV World Forum. Joining fellow industry leaders across the international broadcast industry, we look forward to discussing the TV everywhere concept, as well as current solutions, and how they relate to the current landscape of IPTV delivery.
Television has come a long way since relying on traditional satellite signals and cable television formats. Similarly, MobiTV’s solution has come a long way since debuting mobile television for the first time on a flip phone.  Before the days of smartphones and internet-based television delivery, consumers and technologists alike couldn’t fathom the idea that consumers would be able to seamlessly shift television viewing between screens. However, combine IP TV technology with MobiTV’s platform and TV everywhere comes to life - offering consumers and the industry a new way to look at entertainment. Just this year, we announced that we’re collaborating with Deutsche Telekom to deliver on this very notion - television across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Internet TVs and set-top boxes.

We’re not stopping there. The delivery capabilities of the TV everywhere experience is getting even more sophisticated with HD quality video and surround sound made possible by partnerships between industry leaders. Recently, we announced that we’re teaming up with Texas Instruments to create a deeper layer of security to better enable delivery of HD-quality content. Beyond what meets the eye, we’re also partnering with Dolby to bring cinema-like surround sound across platforms.

Today, consumers want to access high quality, great sounding television anytime, anywhere and we are here to make that possible for our customers to provide. Let us know if you’re also making the trip to IP&TV World Forum.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Here – Sprint TV Comes To The iPhone

After months of readying their new iPhones for just such an event, Sprint customers with the new Sprint iPhone 4S are getting a nice surprise today: SPRINT TV is now available on the iPhone – and it’s free. We at MobiTV have been powering the Sprint TV service from our converged media platform for many years now, and we’re proud to see this service now launched in a sleek, beautiful application for iOS that showcases the robust live and full-episode on demand content that’s been a hallmark of Sprint TV for years.

Sprint iPhone customers can download the free application from the App Store right here. Listen to what it comes with as part of your unlimited data plan: FREE ESPN Mobile TV, including live NBA basketball, pro & college sports, Major League Baseball and much more. FREE Disney Channel – both live and on-demand. FREE Weather Channel, NBC, CBS, ABC Mobile, USA, Bravo, Syfy, SPEED – and much more. Learn more about what’s included right here. This is the first time that this breadth of channels has been available to iPhone users at no additional charge, as part of their data plan. Should come in handy with the NBA and NHL seasons heating up and with Major League Baseball right around the corner.

Moreover, all of the premium packs that have been available on Sprint TV on other operating platforms are also available for iPhone users. That means you can add Sprint TV Xtra; Spanish-language TV on Sprint TV en Vivo; children’s full-episode TV on Playground TV, and many more. Again – if you’re looking for the full view on what’s available, you can check it out here, or right there within the application itself. Just open up “On Demand” and then “Premium Packages” to see what’s available to enhance your Sprint TV experience.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our latest creation. So Sprint iPhones: fire up that iOS 5 operating system, head over to the free download here, and start watching immersive live and on-demand TV wherever you happen to go today. Then let us know how it’s working out for you in keeping you connected to the live sports, breaking news & full-length entertainment you enjoy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet our newest (international) addition – Paul Burmester

We are excited to introduce Paul Burmester, the latest addition to the MobiTV team. Leading the charge across the pond as general manager and senior vice president for EMEA, Paul brings more than 30 years of experience in technology and the international market. Interested in getting to know Paul, his role at MobiTV and what’s to come from MobiTV globally? Check our conversation with him below.

Q. Tell us why you joined MobiTV.

There has always been an interesting debate as to whether or not people would really watch TV on their mobile devices but I think the success MobiTV has already had in North America has answered that question.

This coupled with the move to LTE by the carriers and the release of larger and high quality screens in laptops, tablets and smartphones has meant that users can have an even better viewing experience.

The final element is the significant increase in content availability, which has meant that traditional viewing techniques, i.e. discovery from a magazine listing and watching exclusively on a TV are no longer tenable. As a result, people want to watch what they want when they want and how they want, any content on any screen at any time.

All these factors coming together now mean that there’s a significant shift occurring in end user viewing demands and MobiTV is perfectly placed to address those needs.

Q. What will your role be?

My challenge is to build a successful business for MobiTV in EMEA. However, it’s not as simple as a cut and paste application of MobiTV’s North American strategy to EMEA because there are so many differences from technological and legal through to content and cultural. Having worked very closely with the carriers in EMEA for many years, my goal is to adapt MobiTV’s offering and approach to suit the EMEA market and to help the carriers here launch successful services as quickly as possible.

Q. What opportunity do you see in EMEA?

MobiTV's success in North America is well established, while it’s footprint on the global marketplace is far smaller. I look forward to working with the team to replicate this success in EMEA. Long been promised but yet to be delivered on a mass scale, we are offering solutions that allow partners to deliver television and video anytime, anywhere on any device to international users. Most recently, the MobiTV-Deutsche Telekom agreement provides a great template for the type of technology we can offer and expand upon. I look forward playing an instrumental role in driving further expansion of MobiTV’s TV everywhere solution internationally.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Future Looks Bright in 2005

We thought MobiTV blog readers might get a kick out of this commercial that we put together back in 2005 – hey, was that really seven years ago? We hadn’t heard of smartphones, iPhones, Android, TV Everywhere, tablets, “HDMI out” or any of the common parlance of 2012 converged media that MobiTV is a part of today. We were on cellular phones, though – lots of them: flip phones, “candy bars”, and….well, that’s pretty much what there was back then. Our branded TV service was, in fact, called MobiTV – not AT&T U-verse Live TV, NFL Mobile, T-Mobile TV or any of the many services that our converged media platform powers in this new decade. 
Please travel back to a more simple time with us, an era when most living room TVs still had cathode tubes and mobile video was just beginning to show the promise it now delivers in full today.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Europe’s Largest Telecom Company Partners with MobiTV to Offer TV Everywhere

The next time you go backpacking through Europe, imagine watching your favorite live TV broadcasts or on-demand programs anywhere that you have a mobile device or Internet service. Start viewing a movie on your iPad or laptop in the hostel, then pause it and pick it up where you left off with your mobile phone on a break from the hike, and finish watching it on the other side of the trail on your friend’s home television set.

MobiTV, with its TV everywhere solution, is working to make this a reality for customers of Deutsche Telekom (DT), Europe’s largest telecommunications company.  DT and MobiTV are partnering to develop a converged media platform that allows delivery of TV and video across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Internet TVs and set-top boxes. The first phase of this partnership started with a trial integration of MobiTV’s TV everywhere solution with DT’s “Entertain” IPTV service, stretching the home television experience to multiple screens.
This capability means that consumers can watch TV in any location inside or outside the home—and they expect no less.  After all, they can receive their email anywhere, chat around the globe in real time from anywhere and get news reports any time and any place they want to. Now they justifiably expect to watch TV on the go.  MobiTV’s converged media platform allows TV operators and content providers to extend the delivery of primetime shows, live sporting events and video-on-demand services to smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled portable devices.